Six Days on Twitter is a Video Game That Reenacts One of the Most Controversial Console War Battles

It’s a war that a great deal of people disagreed with but it happened anyway. The Console Wars never needed to happened. Especially not after the backlash towards the first one that happened in the 90s. Unfortunately no matter how much people insisted that it was a waste of resources and protested in the name of just enjoying games and being nice to each other, the Console Warriors were deployed. Countless battles have taken place in name of which plastic rectangle in superior with countless casualties on both sides. Some gaming journalists have routinely been caught in the crossfire with many Console Warriors thinking they know more than the people whose job it is to know more than the common consumer and remain neutral. And now, with many battles still raging on, a video game based on one of the most controversial battles in the history of the Console Wars is being released.

Six Days on Twitter is a game that aims to reenact one of the most debated battles of the Console Wars. Over the course of six weeks, spanning from November to December of 2020, Xbot soldiers fought against Pony’s on Twitter in what has been confirmed as the bloodiest battle of the entire Console Wars. The battle originally started over Teraflops but soon devolved into guerilla warfare about vibrating controllers, subscription services and which household appliance each console resembled. Unfortunately, during the battle, at least 4 innocent civilians were ratio’d in the crossfire but it was never confirmed which side was responsible. The Xbots say it was the Pony’s while the Pony’s say it was the Xbots. Meanwhile the neutral Nintendo Troopers have claimed it was Nintendo itself who ratio’d the civilians. The Nintendo Troopers have been neutral in the war between Xbox and PlayStation as they have been fighting a civil war against Nintendo itself.

The developers of Six Days on Twitter have said that it isn’t their intention to glorify the very real destruction and despair that the Console Wars have caused but to provide an educational experience. They stated that they want to show people what it’s like for a keyboard warrior to go into battle and make false claims and bad jokes in the name of their plastic electronic and billion dollar company that doesn’t know nor care they exist.

There was recently some controversy about the game online as the devs stated that the game would not be political. The game would not make a definitive statement as to which side in the Console Wars is the right one. When asked why, the studio said “We don’t want this to become about who’s right and who’s wrong, we want to provide players with an immersive, educational experience and we want a multiplatform release which you can’t have if you pick a side”.

Gamers were not pleased when they heard this. Many have said that this game was a chance to really make a statement about the Console Wars and the developers chickened out in the name of maximum profits. Other gamers were okay with it as they believed if the game chose a side it would only make things worse. The last thing any wants is for Console Warriors to feel validated. I tried to reach out to keyboard warriors on both sides but not a single Xbot or Pony was willing to make a statement where they couldn’t hide behind their Twitter handle.

When Six Days on Twitter does release, it will be available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In the meantime, the Console Wars rage on. Whether you agree with them or not, you should remember that while the rest of us are playing games and having fun, the Console Warriors are fighting bloody battles on social media about technology they don’t understand and games they don’t have time to actually play because they’re too busy arguing to death over a product made by a corporation they don’t work for. That’s very tragic and we should all feel bad for those people. Hopefully no other civilians gets ratio’d in the crossfire.

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