Console War Soldiers Come Home and Finally Get to Play Video Games.

After a long and arduous conflict, soldiers of the console wars are finally coming home. Brave warriors on both sides of the conflict, the Xbox fighters known as Xbots and the PlayStation fighters known as Ponies, will no longer have to risk their lives anymore in the name of their plastic game machine. President ofContinue reading “Console War Soldiers Come Home and Finally Get to Play Video Games.”

Scavengers Early Access Impressions

I’m not really into battle royale games. There’s too much down time and too much inventory management for my liking. I like Spellbreak because there’s no inventory management and magic is cool and I don’t mind Apex Legends because I love anything related to Titanfall. Overall though, it’s a genre that I don’t have muchContinue reading “Scavengers Early Access Impressions”

Phil Spencer’s Grocery Lists Sparks Online Speculation

Phil Spencer has once again appeared on camera from his home and with it has come another round of people analyzing the background to see what clues lay on his shelf. Uncle Phil as Xbox fans like to call him, got a little more devious this time in hiding Xbox’s future plans in his background.Continue reading “Phil Spencer’s Grocery Lists Sparks Online Speculation”

Long Games Need a “Previously On” Feature

Video Games are long these days. It’s not uncommon for AAA games to get released touting “60” hours of game time. There’s so many long games that it’s routinely a topic of debate in the closed off bubble that is gaming Twitter. I’m not here to debate if games are too long but what IContinue reading “Long Games Need a “Previously On” Feature”