Phil Spencer’s Grocery Lists Sparks Online Speculation

Phil Spencer has once again appeared on camera from his home and with it has come another round of people analyzing the background to see what clues lay on his shelf. Uncle Phil as Xbox fans like to call him, got a little more devious this time in hiding Xbox’s future plans in his background. Fortunately, a crack team of basement dwellers with nothing better to do were on the case.

There’s a lot on his shelf this time that has caused mass excitement online. Could the Mandalorian Funko Pop he has point towards an Xbox exclusive Star Wars game? Some seem to think so. But according to some, that’s exactly what Big Poppa Phil wants you all to believe. A certain section of fans believed that was just a red herring. While their moms were at the grocery store, this group of superfans used their parents computers to digitally enhance the image of One Tree Phil’s shelf and discovered that reflected in his Nintendo Switch, was his grocery list which has lead to even more frenzied speculation.

Silent Phil’s list included Omega 3 eggs causing some to speculate that Xbox has purchased the rights to make a next-gen remake of PS1 hidden gem Omega Boost. The prospect of a new Omega Boost game has made all 200 fans of the original extremely excited. Also on the grocery list was Febreze which has lots of Xbox fans foaming at the mouth over the prospect that Microsoft will acquire the brand and start selling odor eliminators made specifically for gamers. Lord knows that they need them.

Some Xbox fans however, scoffed at the idea Cypress Phil’s grocery list held any meaning, instead suggesting that it was clearly his family portraits that held the answers to the gaming brand’s future. The grocery believers have held firm though, in their assertion that everything people need to know about what Xbox has in store is right there in his grocery list. Many aren’t even waiting for confirmation and are already accepting that Trojan condoms being on the list means that a sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome is a guarantee. Fans of the game are rejoicing, some have even begun to taunt fans of Sony game Days Gone that Xbox’s game that is slightly better than critics gave it credit for is getting a sequel and Sony’s isn’t.

The most exciting item on Ori & the Phil of the Wisp’s list for Xbox fans is vacuum bags. Many have speculated with extreme confidence that Xbox is working on a third Blinx game which will be a crossover with Luigi’s Mansion. This has sent fans of the timesweeping cat into pure hysteria over the prospect of a new entry in the franchise. Nintendo fans reacted to this potential crossover mostly in confusion over what Blinx is but that didn’t damper the celebration Xbox players were having, many of whom even posted videos of them dancing with their vacuum’s to mark the occasion.

It’s important to note that Microsoft has not confirmed whether anything relating to Green Phil Zone’s grocery list is in fact a hint towards the future of Xbox so we advise you take everything we a grain of salt. But to great deal of Xbox fan’s the content’s of Good Phil Hunting’s list points to very bright future for the Xbox brand.

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