E3 2021: Gamers Have Decided Which Unannounced Games are Good & Which are Trash

E3 2021 is almost upon us. While there are some games that are a safe bet to make an appearance, nothing is confirmed. As such, it’s only natural that gamers online have already made up their minds about everything that may or may not be announced at the show.

Despite no confirmation as to what games will be at E3, gamers on the social media app Twitter have for the most part already decided which games they think are good and which games they think are bad, even the ones that no one knows exist yet.

Gamers who fall on the Xbox spectrum are making claims that games such as Final Fantasy 16 and the sequel to the critically acclaimed Gof of War are unimpressive and didn’t get them excited at all despite the fact E3 has not started yet and Playstation isn’t even participating.

Likewise, there are gamers who fall on the Playstation spectrum claiming that Bethesda, the makers of widely acclaimed and beloved games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, have never made a good game and they aren’t starting now. This is once again in spite of the fact that nothing has been shown as E3 hasn’t started yet and no one has seen anything.

People on the Nintendo spectrum aren’t saying about games coming from other studios, instead choosing to focus their negativity on Nintendo itself. The claims being made by this section of gamers who call themselves Nintendo fans are things such as the new Donkey Kong game isn’t the one they wanted, and a general dissatisfaction that not a single game showcased was Mother 3.

Gamers on both the Xbox and Playstation spectrums have already begun arguing about resolution and framerate to all the games that they think might get announced. One user by the name Neckbeard69420 made the claim that Gears of War 6 looks like a Xbox 360 games graphically and seems to be running at 24fps. He was quickly responded to by a user named Neckbeard42069 who claimed that Gears 6 looked like a live action movie while Socom 5 looked like a PS1 game running at 10fps in comparison. Both users were violently ratio’d by a user named NintendoNerd78941 who simply replied with Breath of the Wild 2. Neither neckbeard has been seen or heard from since.

Once again, it is important we remind you that none of the games being argued about were shown off or announced in any way as E3 has not started yet, but it seems for the super fans, that doesn’t matter.

Published by Matt Fresh

30% Water, 70% James Bond movies. Matt is a writer, gamer, film enthusiast & silly person. The winner of various fictitious awards, he's fluent in English & pop culture references.

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