Jonah’s Saturday Reviews: The Suicide Squad

Where to start with the Suicide Squad. While not a masterpiece it is one of the most fun times I’ve had at a movie theater in a very long time. It is an epic, gory, stunning movie that is best experienced on the big screen. With the pandemic still looming it might be hard to go to a theater but if you’re willing to it’s highly recommended. Now before I get any further, this will be a spoiler free review to protect those who haven’t seen the movie, aren’t willing to go to a theater, or don’t have HBO Max.

The Squad

The amount of great actors in this movie is absurd, from Canadian icon Nathan Fillion’s T.D.K, to funny man Pete Davidson’s Black Guardian, the Squad runs deep. I do believe everyone has a moment in the spotlight no matter how big their role is. But as great as the supporting cast is, the main squad really does shine.

Harley Quinn: There isn’t enough praise I can give to Margot Robbie. One of the few returning characters from that dumpster fire of a first Suicide Squad, she is belly laughing funny, and certifiably badass. James Gunn gives Harley Quinn her time to shine but not so much that it’s the Harley Quinn Show, which it didn’t need to be because there are so many great characters.

Bloodsport: The quote unquote leader of the Suicide Squad, I’m not gonna pretend I’m familiar with Bloodsport, cause I’m not. However I do know when something is cool as hell and throughout the Suicide Squad they showcase just how awesome Bloodsport’s outfit is. Underneth that outfit is the incredibly handsome Idris Elba, he brings heart and soul to this character who I believe wants to be disliked but it’s hard to dislike Bloodsport.

Peacemaker: If you don’t like John Cena, shame on you, but if you don’t then watching this movie should make you fall in love with him. I know we talk about WWE superstars turned actors a lot and the one dimensional action stars they are portrayed to be, but John Cena shows range in this movie the likes I’ve never seen from him before. He is outrageously funny, hands down has the best kills in the movie, and is such an intriguing character. I honestley can’t wait for the HBO Max Peacemaker series cause we do need more Peacekeeper in our lives.

King Shark: Sly Stallone is truly a legend. I don’t think I could see a different actor voice King Shark. He has some of the most memorable moments in the movie and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I actually found him adorable by the end of the movie, He’s so viscous yet so innocent, it makes you fall in love with him, not to mention he’s hilarious.

Polka Dot Man: One word: Badass. That’s right, a character whose superpower is polka-dots is a bad ass. That’s the power of James Gunn’s writing and David Dastmalchian’s performance. What should be a one note joke of a character is memorable, has depth and is in fact a badass.

Ratcatcher: Lastly we have Ratcatcher. While one of the more serious characters in the movie, you learn more about what makes Ratcatcher the way she is. You start to care for her and I would go as far to say she is the heart of the movie and is what makes the Suicide Squad such a brilliant concept. Her dad is pretty cool as well.

Suicidal Mission

The mission should you choose to accept it is to sneak into the fictional South American island of Corto Maltese and infiltrate a Nazi-era facility housing something called Project Starfish. What ensues is a gory mess that can only be described as awesome. The run time is 2h 12mins and I can say confidently that not a minute is wasted. It goes without saying that not everybody survives, it’s the suicide squad after all, but James Gunn doesn’t go over the top like Zack Snyder did in Army of the Dead. Not everybody dies, far from it. There are countless action sequences that really are quite amazing. Keep an eye on Peacemaker because like I said prior, he does have the best kills. Everybody is awesome.


There isn’t enough praise I can give the Suicide Squad. It’s the best DC movie since the Dark Knight, and personally one of my favorite superhero movies of all time. It’s right up there with the best of them. I believe that all the main characters could have had their own solo movie, and I know Harley Quinn did, but I loved everyone. Epic, Awesome, Fun, Amazing, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how good it is. Go see it if you haven’t already, you wont regret it.

Rating: Some of the Squad are Chilling with Paddington, But Not All of Them Made It.

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