Nerf Legends Review: Nerf or Nothing?

Imagine yourself in an amusement park. In that amusement park, you see a ride that is themed after a beloved toy from your childhood. It doesn’t look like a particularly good ride but it doesn’t look bad enough to avoid completely and so your love of the brand compels you to get on. To yourContinue reading “Nerf Legends Review: Nerf or Nothing?”

Ghostbusters Afterlife Review: Busting Makes Me Feel Good

The original Ghostbusters has a magic to it that can never be replicated or reproduced ever again. Not even Ghostbusters 2 could capture what made the original what it was. Ghostbusters Afterlife makes the smart choice to not try to copy that magic. It doesn’t want to be the original Ghostbusters and it’s all theContinue reading “Ghostbusters Afterlife Review: Busting Makes Me Feel Good”

Eternals Review: Baby’s First Adult Movie

Marvel’s Eternals is a film that you get the sense doesn’t want to be a Marvel movie. But it also doesn’t want to not be a Marvel movie. Truth be told, I’m not sure it knows what it wants to be but I don’t think it succeeds at any of it. Marvel movies all followContinue reading “Eternals Review: Baby’s First Adult Movie”