PlayStation Plus Premium is a Bit of a Joke

I’ve been playing PlayStation my whole life. The PS2 was essentially my first console. I had an N64 also but I only played a few games on it before our house was robbed and it was stolen alongside the PS2 when I was in the first grade. The PS2 was replaced but they didn’t sellContinue reading “PlayStation Plus Premium is a Bit of a Joke”

Rewind Review: DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power

I originally bought DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power to laugh at it. From the minute I saw the trailer, my plan was to buy this game and play it solely for the purpose of laughing at it and marveling in its badness. Welp, the joke is on me because DC Super Hero Girls isContinue reading “Rewind Review: DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power”

Bullet Train Review: A Percy Not a Diesel

The easiest way to describe Bullet Train is just a good old fashion fun time at the movies. Sometimes that’s all you need a movie to be. While Bullet Train does try to dabble in themes of fate and luck, and it doesn’t necessarily flounder at those themes, it’s strongest quality is that it hasContinue reading “Bullet Train Review: A Percy Not a Diesel”