Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

Another fall season brings with it another entry in the long running Call of Duty franchise. I like Call of Duty, it’s simple fun. I even enjoy the single player campaigns but does this one hold up to the rest of the series? It’s Call of Duty, it plays like every other Call of Duty. What you really need to know about this game is that Bobby Kotick is still CEO of Activision and should be fired. Whether you like the game or not, whether you buy the game or not, he needs to be fired. People worked hard on this game and I commend any dev who can get a decent game shipped but Bobby Kotick needs to be fired. It’s Call of Duty, no review is gonna change anyone’s mind about buying it or not. Even the knowledge that scumbag Bobby is still CEO of Activision won’t change anyone’s mind of buying it. But whether you buy it or not, I hope you know that Bobby Kotick needs to be fired. Even if this game bombs in sales, which it won’t but if it did he still wouldn’t be fired because the stupid idiot cowardly shareholders know what he did and what he enabled in his company and they still didn’t get rid of him. Congratulations to the devs for making a game. They worked hard and their work deserves to be recognized and played and enjoyed, that’s why they do it. But Bobby Kotick should be fired. The only review that should be happening is a conduct review with the head of HR and a lawyer.

Rating: Bobby Kotick Needs to be Fired

Published by Matt Fresh

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