About Us

At Rongo we love pop culture! Movies, TV, Gaming, you name it, we love it. We take it very seriously but also not too seriously because we realize that much of pop culture is inherently silly and in the grand scheme of the universe none of it really matters. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to cover pop culture professionally but also to make that coverage fun. Afterall, what’s the point of writing something or making a podcast or video on a topic if it’s going to be boring or treat the audience like they’re lesser than you.

Our philosophy is that no matter what we’re covering or what content we’re making, it should be fun, and nothing we say is more important than what the audience thinks. It’s all opinions and none of it matters so let’s just have some fun discussing our favorite art & entertainment. We want to share our love of pop culture with the world and we’ll do that as best we can without being afraid to get a little silly.

Learn more about the team here.

If you love pop culture as much as us and agree that discussing it should be fun, be sure to find us on Twitter &/or join our Discord server!

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