The Team

Hunter Bishop is a world renowned media scholar with a PhD in Media Studies. He graduated with honors at the top of his class. He has written think pieces, case studies and essays regarding pop culture and it’s relationship to societal norms for numerous academic publications all over the world. When Matt and Jonah restarted Rongo, they knew that they needed their good friend Hunter involved to bring his expertise on pop culture to help cultivate intellectual discussion and he agreed because he was bored of essays. He now hosts Rongo’s featured podcast Culture Popped with Hunter Bishop where he brings his knowledge and analytical skills to all the latest pop culture news.

Matt Fresh is a self described funny man (debatable). He’s a writer with a BFA in Screenwriting so he kind of knows what he’s talking about here. Matt realized at a young age that he wanted to be involved in entertainment and he realized at a later age that other than writing and being mildly funny, he had no skills. Realizing that he wouldn’t be hirable anywhere if the whole film thing didn’t pan out, he restarted Rongo (a fake company he made in 7th grade as a joke) as a real place where he could hire himself to write and make content. We’ll see if that works. He currently streams on Twitch as RealMFresh and guest hosts Culture Popped when Hunter is busy with adult things.

Jonah not actually pictured

Jonah Marks

Jonah Marks is a self proclaimed video game player with an average amount of knowledge in all things. He is arguably the least important member of the Rongo team (his words). His colleagues however, believe him to be the single most important member of the team due to his uncanny ability to make everyone around him look better in comparison. In all seriousness, he’s a great straight-man to the rest of our antics and is occasionally funny himself. He’s also extremely well versed in doing wacky voices and searching the internet for the answers to tricky video game puzzles. Currently he guest hosts Culture Popped when Hunter is busy with adult things.

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