The Game Awards Narrow Focus is a Disservice to Gaming

Gaming is a wonderful medium full of so many incredible and unique experiences. You wouldn’t know that however if you only saw gaming through the lens of The Game Awards. To act like The Game Awards are a real award show in the first place is a problem enough. For now, it’s the show withContinue reading “The Game Awards Narrow Focus is a Disservice to Gaming”

Somerville Review: Stuck in Limbo

A quiet evening in a cozy home. A family is asleep together on the couch as the static from the television provides ambient white noise for their slumber. It’s the type of night we take for granted until it’s too late to appreciate it anymore. Children grow up, relationships change, life gets in the wayContinue reading “Somerville Review: Stuck in Limbo”

A Plague Tale Requiem Review: Rat in a Cage

A Plague Tale Innocence came out of nowhere in 2019. With little marketing, the Double-A title gained a following from positive word of mouth of its Triple-A quality polish and deep story and characters. Innocence saw siblings Amicia and Hugo bonding on their journey of survival through a plague-infested medieval France full of hordes of fleshing-eating rats. A PlagueContinue reading “A Plague Tale Requiem Review: Rat in a Cage”

Black Adam Review: The Rock is Cooking

In what feels like the years-long lead-up to the release of Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston has touted that the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe was about to change. Now having seen the film, I’m not sure how accurate of a statement that really is but he certainly did deliver an entertaining spectacleContinue reading “Black Adam Review: The Rock is Cooking”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

Another fall season brings with it another entry in the long running Call of Duty franchise. I like Call of Duty, it’s simple fun. I even enjoy the single player campaigns but does this one hold up to the rest of the series? It’s Call of Duty, it plays like every other Call of Duty.Continue reading “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review”

The Game Awards Don’t Honor Gaming, They Disrespect It.

As the next iteration, WORLD PREMIERE, of it looms, WORLD PREMIERE, we need to talk about, WORLD PREMIERE, The Game Awards. WORLD PREMIERE. You see, WORLD PREMIERE, this is a show, WORLD PREMIERE, that claims to be an award show, WORLD PREMIERE, to honor the art of gaming, WORLD PREMIERE, but does the opposite. WORLDContinue reading “The Game Awards Don’t Honor Gaming, They Disrespect It.”