2nd Annual Bishop Awards Nominees

Film Best Picture The Mitchells vs the Machines Don’t Look Up The Suicide Squad Belfast No Time to Die Dune Ghostbusters Afterlife Tick Tick Boom Spider-Man No Way Home Power of the Dog Best Actor Anthony Ramos as Usnavi in In the Heights Idris Elba as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad Ryan Reynolds as GuyContinue reading “2nd Annual Bishop Awards Nominees”

The Game Awards Is Not an Award Show

Last night was The Game Awards. Geoff Keighley’s annual extravaganza that he loves to claim is the Oscars of video games. A celebration of all the games that came out in the past year and all the hard work that the devs of those games put in. Except it isn’t. Now I’m not saying thatContinue reading “The Game Awards Is Not an Award Show”

Eternals Review: Baby’s First Adult Movie

Marvel’s Eternals is a film that you get the sense doesn’t want to be a Marvel movie. But it also doesn’t want to not be a Marvel movie. Truth be told, I’m not sure it knows what it wants to be but I don’t think it succeeds at any of it. Marvel movies all followContinue reading “Eternals Review: Baby’s First Adult Movie”

Kotaku is Running Great with AdBlock

Infamous gaming website Kotaku has been releasing articles daily for a while now. The site is free for anyone to read and supports itself mainly through ads that offer readers in-site purchases. But the now the site is fully viewable without any ads thanks to a program called AdBlock. The website is know for it’sContinue reading “Kotaku is Running Great with AdBlock”

Kotaku Employee Writes About Video Games. Sounds Suspiciously Like a Vacation.

Kotaku staff writer Jimothy Timmonds was gracious enough to sit down and discuss with me his job at the gaming site and how he doesn’t think people fully appreciate what it take to get articles out there for readers. “People nowadays [think] a gaming article is…you know, just put it through the grinder and another one willContinue reading “Kotaku Employee Writes About Video Games. Sounds Suspiciously Like a Vacation.”

A Message for Gamers Who Complain About Accessibility: Grow the F Up

Earlier this week it was revealed that the upcoming Psychonauts 2 will include an optional invincibility mode. I was going to do a write up on why including a mode like that is a good thing for accessibility. But then I thought that would probably be redundant as it’s pretty self explanatory how a modeContinue reading “A Message for Gamers Who Complain About Accessibility: Grow the F Up”

Xbox is Better Than Every Other Platform at One Thing: Fostering Community

The gaming community is home to some wonderful people. It’s also home to some truly awful creatures. The key to making the gaming community the best community on the planet is to weed out the delinquents and reprobates. While Nintendo and Playstation have great communities and I’m proud to be part of them, they’re kindContinue reading “Xbox is Better Than Every Other Platform at One Thing: Fostering Community”

Biomutant Review: They Don’t Make Games Like This Anymore

I have been playing Biomutant every day since it released. It even took me away from the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I still don’t really know how to describe it and I think that’s the best thing I can say about it. It really is it’s own thing, it beats to it’s own drum, itContinue reading “Biomutant Review: They Don’t Make Games Like This Anymore”

EA Copies Nintendo Business Practices. Faces Increased Backlash

Nobody like EA. Everyone likes Nintendo. Well except a large portion of Nintendo fans. But most people like Nintendo. Nintendo is so popular and immune to criticism that the corporate overlords at the most disliked company in the games industry thought that all they had to do for some good PR was copy Nintendo. ItContinue reading “EA Copies Nintendo Business Practices. Faces Increased Backlash”