Black Adam Review: The Rock is Cooking

In what feels like the years-long lead-up to the release of Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston has touted that the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe was about to change. Now having seen the film, I’m not sure how accurate of a statement that really is but he certainly did deliver an entertaining spectacleContinue reading “Black Adam Review: The Rock is Cooking”

Bullet Train Review: A Percy Not a Diesel

The easiest way to describe Bullet Train is just a good old fashion fun time at the movies. Sometimes that’s all you need a movie to be. While Bullet Train does try to dabble in themes of fate and luck, and it doesn’t necessarily flounder at those themes, it’s strongest quality is that it hasContinue reading “Bullet Train Review: A Percy Not a Diesel”

Top Gun Maverick Review: Take My Breath Away

I believe in Tom Cruise and I believe in cinema. I could end this review with that above statement because it really is the perfect distillation of what makes this film so incredible. Tom Cruise loves movies. He loves movies more than I have ever loved anything and maybe ever will. Tom Cruise loves moviesContinue reading “Top Gun Maverick Review: Take My Breath Away”