Somerville Review: Stuck in Limbo

A quiet evening in a cozy home. A family is asleep together on the couch as the static from the television provides ambient white noise for their slumber. It’s the type of night we take for granted until it’s too late to appreciate it anymore. Children grow up, relationships change, life gets in the wayContinue reading “Somerville Review: Stuck in Limbo”

A Plague Tale Requiem Review: Rat in a Cage

A Plague Tale Innocence came out of nowhere in 2019. With little marketing, the Double-A title gained a following from positive word of mouth of its Triple-A quality polish and deep story and characters. Innocence saw siblings Amicia and Hugo bonding on their journey of survival through a plague-infested medieval France full of hordes of fleshing-eating rats. A PlagueContinue reading “A Plague Tale Requiem Review: Rat in a Cage”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

Another fall season brings with it another entry in the long running Call of Duty franchise. I like Call of Duty, it’s simple fun. I even enjoy the single player campaigns but does this one hold up to the rest of the series? It’s Call of Duty, it plays like every other Call of Duty.Continue reading “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review”

The Game Awards Don’t Honor Gaming, They Disrespect It.

As the next iteration, WORLD PREMIERE, of it looms, WORLD PREMIERE, we need to talk about, WORLD PREMIERE, The Game Awards. WORLD PREMIERE. You see, WORLD PREMIERE, this is a show, WORLD PREMIERE, that claims to be an award show, WORLD PREMIERE, to honor the art of gaming, WORLD PREMIERE, but does the opposite. WORLDContinue reading “The Game Awards Don’t Honor Gaming, They Disrespect It.”

Beacon Pines Review: Life is Change

Stories are living things. From the first seedling of what eventually becomes a story, they grow, they must be nurtured, and they evolve. The story that is told is rarely the exact story that was envisioned because, like all living things, stories change. And while not all change is good, for a story to beContinue reading “Beacon Pines Review: Life is Change”

Immortality Review: Not Every Frame is a Painting

What is art? It’s a question that humanity has found difficult to answer since we started making it. You’ll be hard pressed to find an entire group of people who all give the same answer. In a way, that’s the beauty of it. That it can be and mean different things to different people. ImmortalityContinue reading “Immortality Review: Not Every Frame is a Painting”

PlayStation Plus Premium is a Bit of a Joke

I’ve been playing PlayStation my whole life. The PS2 was essentially my first console. I had an N64 also but I only played a few games on it before our house was robbed and it was stolen alongside the PS2 when I was in the first grade. The PS2 was replaced but they didn’t sellContinue reading “PlayStation Plus Premium is a Bit of a Joke”

Rewind Review: DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power

I originally bought DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power to laugh at it. From the minute I saw the trailer, my plan was to buy this game and play it solely for the purpose of laughing at it and marveling in its badness. Welp, the joke is on me because DC Super Hero Girls isContinue reading “Rewind Review: DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power”

The Social Aspect of Online Multiplayer is Dead and Gamers are the Murderers

If you’re a gamer of a certain age range, you probably remember a time when you could hop in a multiplayer lobby and it would be bursting with life. It was like walking into a party of endless possibilities. Maybe you’d have a good time and never see anyone there ever again, maybe you’d hitContinue reading “The Social Aspect of Online Multiplayer is Dead and Gamers are the Murderers”

Evil Dead the Game Review: Groovy

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up. This is Evil Dead the Game. S-Mart’s top of the line. You can find this in the video game section. That’s right, this sweet baby was developed by Saber Interactive. Retails for about forty nine ninety-nine Canadian. It’s got four playable classes, a deep skill tree system, full crossplay,Continue reading “Evil Dead the Game Review: Groovy”