Rewind Review: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing

What makes something a video game? Well whatever it is, Big Rigs Over the Road Racing fails at being one. In fact, this game fails on every level of creation, from concept to execution that if you were to hand it in as a high school programming assignment, you would be kicked out of theContinue reading “Rewind Review: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing”

Rewind Review: Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

Welcome to the first Rewind Review. These will be reviews of games, movies and shows that we either didn’t get to around release, or older/retro stuff that we want to review. What better way to start this off than with a classic Star Wars game. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer originally came out in 1999Continue reading “Rewind Review: Star Wars Episode 1 Racer”

Nobody Saves the World Review: Not Even My Final Form

There’s an old adage in video games; simple to play, difficult to master. Nobody Saves the World is a bit of a deviation from that because while it is simple play, it’s not difficult to master. That’s not to say that it’s just a very simple game and nothing more because the systems at workContinue reading “Nobody Saves the World Review: Not Even My Final Form”

2nd Annual Bishop Awards Nominees

Film Best Picture The Mitchells vs the Machines Don’t Look Up The Suicide Squad Belfast No Time to Die Dune Ghostbusters Afterlife Tick Tick Boom Spider-Man No Way Home Power of the Dog Best Actor Anthony Ramos as Usnavi in In the Heights Idris Elba as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad Ryan Reynolds as GuyContinue reading “2nd Annual Bishop Awards Nominees”

The Game Awards Is Not an Award Show

Last night was The Game Awards. Geoff Keighley’s annual extravaganza that he loves to claim is the Oscars of video games. A celebration of all the games that came out in the past year and all the hard work that the devs of those games put in. Except it isn’t. Now I’m not saying thatContinue reading “The Game Awards Is Not an Award Show”

Nerf Legends Review: Nerf or Nothing?

Imagine yourself in an amusement park. In that amusement park, you see a ride that is themed after a beloved toy from your childhood. It doesn’t look like a particularly good ride but it doesn’t look bad enough to avoid completely and so your love of the brand compels you to get on. To yourContinue reading “Nerf Legends Review: Nerf or Nothing?”

Deathloop Review: Doing the Time Warp Again

Deathloop is a fascinating game. It’s incredibly stylish and confident in itself. Perhaps it’s a bit too confident in itself. The premise and set-up are interesting enough to pull you in and the gameplay is solid but much like being stuck in a time loop, the longer it goes on, the more you just wantContinue reading “Deathloop Review: Doing the Time Warp Again”

Jonah’s Saturday Reviews: Destiny Season 15, 1 Month In

Season of the Lost, the big one. The big one as in this season will be 6 months long because the Witch Queen doesn’t come out until February 2022. This isn’t to say that the 6 months isn’t filled with events and activities with things such as the Halloween event in October, Christmas event inContinue reading “Jonah’s Saturday Reviews: Destiny Season 15, 1 Month In”

Psychonauts 2 Review: Dr. Feelgood

There’s a very comforting feeling to Psychonauts 2. It’s nostalgic not because it exploits your fondness for something from the past but because of how it makes you feel. This is a game packed with so much joy, so much heart and so much creativity that playing it makes you feel like a kid playingContinue reading “Psychonauts 2 Review: Dr. Feelgood”

Jonah’s Saturday Reviews: Hades

Imagine having such an unsupportive, manipulative, lying father that you would go through literal hell to escape his tyranny. Hades, Game of the Year, Indie super hit has come to Gamepass and I have finally been able to get my grubby hands on the game. With so many accolades it could fill a dump truckContinue reading “Jonah’s Saturday Reviews: Hades”