Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Review

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield shows you the entire game within the first 30 seconds. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing will depend entirely upon your fondness of the endless runner genre. For all it’s style, Aerial_Knight’s doesn’t do anything different from every other endless runner gameplay wise. The main character Wally, moves onContinue reading “Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Review”

How We Review: The Paddington 2 Scale

As we start to review things, we thought it would be beneficial to explain our unique review scale. We at Rongo don’t really believe in scored reviews. This is because we find that when a review has a score attached to it, it brings with it to much baggage. People will look at the scoreContinue reading “How We Review: The Paddington 2 Scale”

Can Marvel’s Avenger Be Avenged?

Marvel’s Avengers still exists. The fact that I have to start by reminding people that it’s still a game is really all that needs to be said. It hasn’t had the best lifespan as a live-service game. It probably hasn’t had the best lifespan of a non-live service game either. The game launched full ofContinue reading “Can Marvel’s Avenger Be Avenged?”

Returnal is an Excellent Game That I Don’t Recommend

Before you crazed fanboys start complaining to me on Twitter about this, I will preface this by saying, this is not a review so I do not care one bit about your opinion or whether you disagree with mine. And even if it was a review, I still wouldn’t care. With that out the way,Continue reading “Returnal is an Excellent Game That I Don’t Recommend”

Scavengers Early Access Impressions

I’m not really into battle royale games. There’s too much down time and too much inventory management for my liking. I like Spellbreak because there’s no inventory management and magic is cool and I don’t mind Apex Legends because I love anything related to Titanfall. Overall though, it’s a genre that I don’t have muchContinue reading “Scavengers Early Access Impressions”

Long Games Need a “Previously On” Feature

Video Games are long these days. It’s not uncommon for AAA games to get released touting “60” hours of game time. There’s so many long games that it’s routinely a topic of debate in the closed off bubble that is gaming Twitter. I’m not here to debate if games are too long but what IContinue reading “Long Games Need a “Previously On” Feature”

9 Years Later, No Game Has Critiqued Violence Better Than Spec Ops: The Line

2012 saw the release of Spec Ops: The Line, a game that on the surface is just another run of the mill, third-person military cover shooter. The more you play however, you start to realize that not only is it not that kind of game but it hates those games and wants you to hateContinue reading “9 Years Later, No Game Has Critiqued Violence Better Than Spec Ops: The Line”