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EA Copies Nintendo Business Practices. Faces Increased Backlash

Nobody like EA. Everyone likes Nintendo. Well except a large portion of Nintendo fans. But most people like Nintendo. Nintendo is so popular and immune to criticism that the corporate overlords at the most disliked company in the games industry thought that all they had to do for some good PR was copy Nintendo. It…

Console War Soldiers Come Home and Finally Get to Play Video Games.

After a long and arduous conflict, soldiers of the console wars are finally coming home. Brave warriors on both sides of the conflict, the Xbox fighters known as Xbots and the PlayStation fighters known as Ponies, will no longer have to risk their lives anymore in the name of their plastic game machine. President of…

Phil Spencer’s Grocery Lists Sparks Online Speculation

Phil Spencer has once again appeared on camera from his home and with it has come another round of people analyzing the background to see what clues lay on his shelf. Uncle Phil as Xbox fans like to call him, got a little more devious this time in hiding Xbox’s future plans in his background.…

After Killing Mario, Nintendo Promises It Will Kill Again

At the time of writing, Nintendo’s public execution of famed plumber and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Mario is due to happen today. By the time you read this he might already be dead. As the world mourns and wonders how it will move forward without everyone’s favorite Jump Man, Nintendo isn’t finished. In…


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